About Us

DVEQ Radio | De Vez Em Quando is a web radio aimed at all persons who like good music, whether brazilian or international.

DVEQ is a mundane radio, in a good way; it prioritizes artists who are not in the mainstream and those trying to get in the most sought musical space, set for good music.

We are a project, so far, without sponsors, thereof we accept any monthly or sporadic donations, of 5$, 10$, 15$ or any value. With you contribution, we will keep our radio on air, perfected and always aimed at the demanding listener and the independent musician.


De Vez Em Quando, musical project conceived in 2015, emerges from the need to give higher visibility to those independent musicians who’ve presented at De Vez Em Quando Cultural Space, located at Barbalho, in Salvador, Brazil. Since January 2017 we felt the need to open up to other independent musicians who wish to participate in the innovative project.